Who We Are

mirko moriggi / nadia doneda lupieri

met mIrko moriggi when she was still in high-school, studying interior design at the andrea fantoni school of applied arts in bergamo.

she completed her diploma with honours and a few years later, in 1987, married mirko and had two children.

professionally, nadia and mirko followed parallel, and sometimes intersecting, trajectories in the fields of design, until in 2008 they decided to start their own business – a decision that owed much to nadia enthusiasm and vision.

partners in life and work, different but complementary personalities, mirko and nadia share responsibilities according to their respective inclinations.

nadia’s entrepreneur spirit, creative sensibility and relational skills have made her the ideal candidate for managing the organizational aspects of their joint projects as well as acting as external liaison, which she does with expertise and passion.

her creative vein has followed instead a more individual path, through the design and manufacturing of stunning handcrafted jewellery made from a variety of materials which she personally picks and then smartly, gracefully assembles.

mirko has this to say about her: without nadia i’d never have found the strength to face the unknown; without our children i’d have lacked the resolution one needs to move forward.

she is the propelling force, the one who generates and receives.