Who We Are

mirko moriggi / nadia doneda lupieri

mirko's professional experience dates back to the 1980s, when he started working in the renowned furniture store run by his family as a buyer and image expert.

in time, he also began to act as interiors designer advisor for customers and to work on architecture projects and, having discovered his true passion and vocation, soon decided to devote himself entirely to it.

in 2008 he set up his own company along with his wife, nadia, and began to develop new projects.

his current activity covers architecture, interior design and the design and manufacturing of unique furniture pieces.

mirko's vision is a blend of rationalism and gentle poetic touches.

pure, clear-cut lines coexist with the rawness of unfinished wood.

architectures accommodate other types of volumes, both new and existing ones; the resulting structures are poised between the conscious and the unconscious, the rational and the dream-like.

mirko's approach is informed by a creativity that thrives on contrast: light and shade, edges and curves, chessboard-like vegetable plots surrounded by ruffled-looking grasses.

simultaneously revealing and concealing, his home design projects convey a warm, welcoming spontaneity, a safe haven from the snares of egotism.

the rarefied atmosphere created by the immaculate white of interiors is offset by the polished marble of floors and the pure shapes of raw wood and iron furnishings. the austere lines of indoor staircases are mitigated by steps that float in the seeming void of crystal-clear glass landings and banisters.

sunlight floods interiors through large windows and unexpected skylights, openings that mark a threshold between the protection of enclosed space and the thrill of outdoor exploration.