mirko moriggi / nadia doneda lupieri

if he were one of the five senses, he would be the sixth.
sensitivity in interpreting the needs of those who will live in a home pushes mirko moriggi to the essence of the spontaneity of living with projects dedicated to feeling good about oneself, designed to excite and welcome.
if he were a form, he would be a container of light.
the preference goes to solid and regular architectural forms that, when they meet, generate new ways of living that harmoniously adapt to everyday living. large windows punctuate the walls and cancel the boundaries with the outside ensuring light and nature are mirrored on the inside.
if he weren’t an architect, he would be an illusionist.
houses do not need much furniture but their function. thus wall screens are born, and enchantment “containers” disappear from view, creating airy, life- simplifying environments.
if he were a mineral, he would be gold, because all that glitters is gold.
every carefully chosen detail lights up the rooms with new light, even contextualizing the traces of the past - from a pillar to a secreter to a lamp - so that life takes place in a home that looks like us.
if he were a color, it would be white, the sum of all colors.
white, one of mirko moriggi’s stylistic figures, emphasizes the dark tones that conquer the walls and ceilings of some rooms. a choice that may appear as a gamble in so much whiteness, which instead turns out to be solid and thoughtful.
if he were a dimension, it would be space.
freeing the horizon without impediments, crossing a glass staircase with the gaze until we lose ourselves in the magical harmony of the garden, an outside that enters us and rests us, spaces that do not contain but liberate.
if he were material, it would be iron.
the path of discovery continues, and new fascinations arise from raw materials such as iron and fossil wood. at the same time, brass and nickel silver are treated nobly so that the material is transformed and becomes a narrative. matter to matter, strength to strength with the sensitivity of an artist who knows materials and selects them to give them new life.
squaring the circle.
and then there is nadia. she is kindness and harmony, practicality and poetry: “a necessity to my edges,” says mirko moriggi, “here, she is the squaring of the circle. in my work and life, my partner.”